What Leads to Your Obesity?

Nowadays, the number of obese people all over the world keeps increasing. Then what are the causes? Scientific studies have shown that, due to the difference of environment, physiology and psychology, the reasons of obesity are various. Hereby only a few are listed as follows:

   1.Heredity: if one's parents are both obese, then he/she has a 70% chance to get fat, if only one parent is obese, then the chance would be 50%. Of course, the eating habits of the whole family would have huge influence on the results.

   2.Eat and drink too much: desserts, drinks, food with high calorie, high oil, high sugar, high protein and low fibre are also major causes of obesity.

   3.Insufficient exercises: If you don't work out at all when the diets remain the same or you take in too much calorie, then the extra calorie will convert into fat and store in your body. As a result, you'll get fatter gradually.

   4.Night snacks: if you often eat very late or eat before going to bed, then you are most likely to get fat. This is because at night, the metabolism is inactive while the absorption is good.

   5. Emotional eating: this kind of people usually can't help eating a lot when they feel extremely happy or sad. Overeating in this way will lead to the accumulation of excessive fat and finally result in obesity.

General Informations

Overeating and overdrinking in social engagements, busy schedule, long sitting hours, excessive nutrition intake, increasing age, etc….all these are the possible causes of obesity.

You might have discovered the ugly love handles, thunder thighs, flabby arms, etc very early, but are you seriously looking forward to losing weight? If yes, then just incorporate Lida Daidaihua capsules ....

Lida Daidaihua can be taken by both man and woman. It can inhibit appetite on one hand, and boost the metabolism on the other hand. An increased metabolic rate would undoubtedly accelerate the fat-burning speed, which will further promote the slimming progress.

Meanwhile, Daidaihua contains high content of plant enzymes that can dissolve the stubborn cellulite and promote the gastrointestinal motility. Once the food has been digested timely, the toxins will be excreted under the function of enzymes. No hesitance any more, otherwise the chance will slip away!

Customer Feedbacks

Lida really is a miracle product, I have almost got rid of 18 pounds with one and half month, I had no appetite, patience is a virtue as there was a stop, I didn't eat much but the weight didn't drop, but ...

- Mary Mayes

It took a while to get to me but I now think they were worth the wait, my weight has dropped to 60kg from about 70kg in 2 months! I have tried to lose some weight by myself for over a year and only reduced 7kgs, now ...

- Celestine Georgeta

After finishing the first set of lida diet pills, I have noticed some body changes. My waist gets thinner, my thunder thighs disappear and the body curve becomes more obvious. Every acquaintance around me are asking me how I make it. ...

- Kevin F Carr

Lida Daidaihua Slimming Capsule

As menopause is coming, are you worried about the high blood sugar and serious constipation problems? Is your weight keeping increasing? Are you worried about the belly fat due to drinking too much wine due to much more social engagements?

Are you unable to do exercise to get rid of some weight gained because of busier and busier working? Are you worried about the fat on the belly and waist due to sitting for a long time for working? Are you worried about the extra weight gained due to excessive nutrition after giving birth to your baby? Or, are you worried about your figure due to some other reasons?

If you have any one of above worries, choose Lida Daidaihua Slimming Capsules to help you. This product will help you lose weight and achieve your ideal body shape in a effectively and healthy way

DaiDaihua Extract can achieve weight-loss purposes by accelerating fat burning and regulating the body's metabolism, meantime, plant enzymes in it can break down stubborn stool and promote gastrointestinal motility, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty. It can also help digest food quickly as well as dissolve excess fat out of the body, helping detoxify the body, purify the blood and regulate the endocrine system; all in all, Lida Daidaihua diet pills will be a catalyst for you to lose weight!

Brief Introduction of Major Ingredient

Lida Daidaihua will shape your body in an absolutely healthy and effective way, as it is made from various kinds of natural plants, such as bitter orange (aka Daidaihua in Chinese), cassia seed, Job's tears, etc. They cooperate with each other very well and the results have been approved by many customers. Let's have a look at the function of those elements as follows:

Bitter Orange: As one of the major ingredients of Lida Daidaihua, bitter orange is often used in prescriptions as well. It includes a useful element Synephrine, which has been proved to be extremely effective for fat burning and appetite controlling. It's really good for weight loss.

Cassia seed: you may hear before that people with constipation problems often drink cassia seed tea to relieve the symptoms. This is because cassia seed can break down the accumulated toxins and flush them out by relaxing the bowels. Based on this working principle, some people consider it a good choice for weight loss. Moreover, it can supply your body necessary nutrients, as it includes various vitamins as well.

Job's-tear: Besides the sufficient content of vitamins and minerals, Job's tear can also increase the metabolism and decrease the intestine burdens. As long as the metabolism is enhanced, the excess fat can be consumed easily. Meanwhile, many people take it to strengthen their physique.

Mulberry Leaf Extract – Mulberry Leaf contains compound that can relieve thirst, increase energy and promote blood circulation. Moreover, it has been used in Chinese medicine for a long time to treat constipation and dizziness.

  • Bitter Orange

  • Cassia seed

  • Job's-tear

  • Mulberry Leaf Extract

Customers Reviews

Date Added: 11/09/2013 by Sheree Ponomarenko
I love the fact that it controlled my appetite. I did not feel jittery. I will continue to take the product because I am seeing results in a very short time. I glad I did. Along with diet and exercise
Date Added: 08/08/2014 by Majmudar Elvis
It works, I have zero appetite after taking lida daidaidaihua, but I still take some vegetable and fruits and health low calorie food to supplement the daily nutrition :)
Date Added: 09/17/2014 by White Laura
I have tried many ways to reduce some pounds but it is hard to insist, i tried LIDA and now I nearly lost about 2 stones, really amazing product!

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